Unique land investment

Compared to Bali and Lombok, Sumbawa is relatively uncrowded being about three times the size of Bali with less than a fourth the population. The people of Sumbawa are mostly farmers and ranchers by trade. Recently with land prices in Bali and Lombok being prohibitively expensive, Investors are looking to Sumbawa for their next purchases.

The capital of Sumbawa is Sumbawa Besar, located on the western side of the island and at the moment, the most popular entrance point into Sumbawa is at Bima airport on the east coast. A flight to Bima from Bali takes less than an hour and then an hour and a half car trip brings you to Lakey Peak.

Sumbawa was recently approved to become a regency in there own right currently they are under Lombok which has resulted in Sumbawa besar ear marked for a new airport and government buildings and development are will under way. This will provide a faster access to the land .

From Lakey Peak, a 40 minute boat ride will bring you to the land on offer. However, road development from the airport at Sumbawa Besar is in development and will more than half the transit time once completed. Lakey Peak is a unique area producing world class waves & suitably ideal conditions for a variety of water sports such as surfing, kite surfing & wind surfing, kayaking, fishing, diving and snorkeling.

Although there are still many great opportunities on Lombok, the smart money is being invested in Sumbawa, Today, Lakey Peak land is on offer is valued between USD$3000 to USD $4000/100m2 depending on the size and proximity to the beach and breaks Infrastructure on the island is slowly gathering momentum although the road leading to this area is still under construction.

Land is always cheaper when access is more difficult but with infrastructure plans in place, prices will be increasing.